Real Estate Investing For Beginners | Start with a House, Condo or Apartment Building?

Lets start with the basics… Real Estate Investing for beginners, where should you start your real estate journey, should you start with a condo, apartment building or a house? Whats cheaper and whats a better investment long term? Enjoy as I run through all the data and facts about all options. Enjoy! Add me on Insta @ThisisJohnWilliams

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The first thing that comes to mind with many people with buying property is either how can i live in a nice place, how can i buy something cheap and what should I do when I have money ready to invest.

Sometimes the cheap investment in real estate is actually a set back. With real estate investing, the key is to invest wisely, you want to make a smart decision that will move your life forward. If you are reading this now and you are a first time home buyer this video will teach you a lot about real estate investing.

Any questions, simply drop it in the comments and I will answer them. At the end of this video you will know if an apartment building is a good investment or a house is a better investment or maybe a condo is a better investment.

If you reading this own one of the three, drop your feedback below. Agree or Disagree

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