The FUTURE Of Real Estate Investing | Fundrise

I break down the Pros and Cons of Fundrise and Crowdfunding Real Estate in general and wether or not these platforms will be the future of Real Estate Investing. Enjoy!

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Real estate investing is a very popular form of investing, especially in 2020. However, a lot of people don’t want to invest a lot of money OR they don’t want the responsibility of owning the property. A popular strategy of investing in the stock market is investing into ETF’s because they are great for passive income. In real estate, Fundrise aims to offer these kinds of options to real estate investors. Fundrise is an online real estate crowdfunding platform that created an eREIT which is an electronic Real Estate Investment Trust.

When you invest money into Fundrise, your money is in then invested into real estate across the US. Fundrise has actually invested in more than $4 billion worth of real estate across the U.S. For this video, I did a ton of research and even created a Fundrise account so I could get a true feel for it. Fundrise has had its fair share of negative remarks so I wanted to have my own experience.

Fundrise definitely makes real estate investing a lot more accessible to even the most beginner investor, it truly is available to EVERYONE. The minimum investment is only $500 which is overall pretty affordable to someone who is looking to invest. You do not have to be an accredited investor to invest in Fundrise, you simply have to be over the age of 18 and live in the United States. My favorite part about Fundrise was how easy it is to use.

As far as the cons of Fundrise, I will say that they are not as liquid as other investments can be. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it is something to be aware of so you don’t get your money tied up when you really need it! Another downside to Fundrise is the non-qualified dividends. There are two types of ordinary dividends: qualified and nonqualified. The biggest difference between them is that nonqualified dividends are taxed at ordinary income rates, while qualified dividends receive more favorable tax treatment by being taxed at capital gains rates. Being that real estate is typically a great investment for tax benefits, it’s definitely a bummer that nonqualified dividends don’t get those benefits.

Overall, Fundrise is a great investment platform as long as you are going to be investing with a long term mindset.

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