REAL ESTATE INVESTING FOR BEGINNERS | How to Invest in Long Distance Real Estate

Want to know how to invest in properties out-of state? This video will tell you what I learned when I started my long distance investing journey. This will help break down real estate investing for beginners.

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Step 1: Study Up
I learned from the Bigger Pockets podcast and David Green’s book, Long Distance Real Estate Investing


Step 2: Determine your finances
Will you be working alone, have a partner, start a syndication?

Step 3: Determine a market
You want to choose a market with multiple economic drivers, not one single industry.

Step 4: Find your team
You need to find your lender, contractor, property manager and deal finder.

Step 5: Bust the myth: you have to see the property
You don’t need to see Apple’s headquarters to invest in it. Why do you need to see a property?

Step 6: Create your systems
Learn how to analyze a deal!

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